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Feature of ‘Artist’ Elevator

Feature of ‘Artist’ Elevator

Our Artist elevator only focuses on building private household / Villa elevators, and customizes a full set of elevator solutions for your villa. All products support personalized customization and intelligent security: Quality home, simple to micro: smart appliances, silent experience, comfortable enjoyment, leading the industry, exquisite design, flexible innovation, comprehensive supporting, simple to micro.

As early as 2004, Artist began to professionally manufacture villa elevators in Shanghai, China. Over the years, Artist has helped many big brands to do ODM and OEM. Now, only Artist has up to 9 structures to adapt to each different hoistway, and try to minimize the owner's civil construction cost. Artist has accumulated more than 50 utility model patents Appearance patent and invention patent. Although the state has issued GB / t21739-2008 regulations to restrict household elevator manufacturers and products, due to the fact that it is inconvenient to restrict specifications for household elevators, the state has not enforced acceptance of products and standardized household / villa elevator manufacturers, which makes the manufacturing threshold of household elevators very low. Since 2012, there have been more than 400 household elevator manufacturers from dozens to today, About 90% of the manufacturers have no legal qualification, relevant certificates and inspection reports. Please confirm again and again before choosing a brand.

☞ Minimum Shaft Design:

In terms of design size, Artist is also the leader in the traction villa ladder industry, with the lowest top floor of 2600 and the shallowest pit of 130. With the same shaft size, Artist is sure to be better than other brands

Traction elevators make larger cars. Running comfort and low noise level are more important. Comfort has a great relationship with structural rationality and solid materials. The lift car of Artist weighs more than 100kg on average than his brand. Artist's elevator refuses to cut corners on work and materials in exchange for a more comfortable ride experience; The noise level of the general passenger elevator is about 60-65 points. After the test, the average score of the art villa is only 50 points, sometimes only 45 dB.

☞ System Personalization:

In terms of system design concept, we are more professional and humanized. In addition to the standard automatic rescue function, one key dialing function, ard function, Internet of things function and fire emergency operation, we have also developed optional functions, such as earthquake sensing system, anti fainting system, elevator automatic identification system and pit water sensing system, which greatly reduces the risk of elevator accidents.

☞ Power Saving Mode:

In terms of power saving, Artist also has great advantages. According to statistics, it runs 60 times a day and only uses less than one degree of electricity. Our Artist's elevator does not waste resources at all. When the elevator is not used for a period of time, it can automatically power off and sleep. Artist doesn't even want to waste 0.1 degree of electricity.

☞ Features Of Control Cabinet:

In terms of control cabinet, we use the technology jointly developed with suppliers, which is not only small in size, but also beautiful compared with traditional aliens. When using electronic contactors, the noise is close to zero.

☞ Car Personalized Decoration:

In terms of car interior decoration, personalized customization has always been the advertising word of Artist. In addition to the styles presented in the samples, Artist also provides customers with the requirements of matching plate styles. More than 30% of the business volume of Artist is designed by designers. Our team tries to cooperate with each other to create this unique car, Non standard capability is what a few domestic manufacturers are willing to do.

Based on the above, Artist dares to say that with 15 years of villa elevator history, we are more professional because of our concentration.

☞ Planning And Design Of Artist Elevator Shaft:
Based on the customer's actual space, 0 cost hoistway and personalized design.

A. hoistway compatibility
a. it can be applied to closed brick concrete hoistway;
b. applicable to wooden structure hoistway;
c. applicable to steel structure hoistway;
d. applicable to aluminum alloy steel structure hoistway

B. installation location compatibility
a.reconstruction and installation of old buildings; When there is no space in the floor;

b. elevator shall be installed outside the floor; The central patio of the zigzag staircase is installed;
c. install shared elevators between buildings

C. minimize installation space
a. minimum dimension of pit depth: 130mm
b. minimum dimension of top floor height: 2400mm
c. minimum height dimension of landing: 2100mm


☞ Design of Artist elevator
The core components are selected from domestic first-class suppliers and independently developed, with more than 50 patents. With humanized design concept, mature technology villa and bold innovation spirit, we provide customers with different solutions to meet their personalized needs. Smooth start, silent running, quiet direct - give you the most comfortable running performance. High performance control platform, more intelligent control function and more comfortable riding effect. High level power module, more perfect control output and quieter operation drive.


A. The elevator design complies with GB / t21739-008 code for manufacture and installation of household elevators

B. Strength design: meet the design standards of passenger and freight elevators.
1. The safety factor of main stressed parts such as car bottom, vertical beam, upper beam and lower beam shall not be less than 7.5 times;
2. The safety factor of mechanical beam shall not be less than 8 times;
3. Bolt strength: the strength of fixing screws for structural connection of elevator load-bearing parts shall not be less than grade 8.8.
4. Counterweights: all made of cast iron or steel plate.

C. Component design:
1. Modular design: eliminate traditional views and adhere to avant-garde ideas; Modular design, integrated purpose; Organic integration, ecological concept. Fine control cabinet: it can be embedded in the wall and hung on the wall with various home styles. Truly light, small and thin (specification: 540 * 300 * 160).
2. Component installation: assembly without welding. All are bolted. Integrate green technology, energy conservation and environmental protection. 3. Overload: digital control, weight deviation < 10kg. The elevator car door panel can be grooved at the bending between. Make the splicing at the bend more flat. All the edges of the plate are chamfered, and the details are more intimate.

D. Decoration design: Based on the characteristics of residents, create a unique lift car with ingenuity, condense excellent design, unique decoration, integrate process aesthetics, endow the atmosphere with luxurious life style, and multiply the sense of nobility of space.
1. The wall panel can be customized according to the user's design. Materials available: wood, leather, stainless steel, etched plate, glass, etc.

2. The floor can be customized according to user design. More than 300 options are also available. Common materials are: marble, PVC floor and wood floor. The ceiling can be customized according to user design: more than 100 selection schemes can be provided.

E. Noise reduction treatment: elevator running noise < 50dB
1. T78 / B Solid guide rail is used for car and counterweight guide rail to reduce the common vibration of elevator operation and the deformation of guide rail during long-time operation.
2. Wall panels and door panels shall be pasted with sound insulation cotton to reduce car co vibration and isolate hoistway noise.
3. Shockproof guide shoes are adopted for guide shoes: reduce the common vibration between guide rail and car operation
4. Nylon wheel design: reduce the noise transmission of traction machine through steel wire rope;
5.Double bed design: increase running comfort.
6.Zero contactor of control cabinet: reduce the operation noise of control cabinet;
7.No fan design of control cabinet: professional heat dissipation structure design to remove the heat dissipation fan and reduce the operating noise.